Celebrate 100 years in transform industry


Our Mission

To be one of the 5 largest suppliers of Power Engineering products and services in the world.

To excel as an employer, a corporate citizen and as a contributor to the betterment of the global environment.

And we do it with PASSION.

Values & Guiding Principles

1. We will contribute positively to the betterment of the Earth and the Environment we live in. We will do this by ensuring sustainable and renewable consumption of our inputs. We will regenerate, recycle, and above all create resources in excess of what we use. We will consciously reduce pollution in all our processes.

2. We will be an excellent Corporate Citizen and comply with the spirit and letter of laws in each geographic region that we operate in. We will never compromise on ethics or integrity.

3. Our relationships with customers are based on respect and integrity and we will delight them with our products and services by using the best applicable technology, processes and continuous innovation. We will work towards ensuring all our customers permanently use our products and services.

4. We are committed to the welfare of our employees. We will ensure that our employees are proud, safe and happy in their work environment. We will achieve this by being open, frank and transparent at all levels of our company. Our employees will be encouraged andmotivated to innovate and achieve their potential both professional and personal.

5. We are an equal opportunity employer.

6. Our suppliers are our partners and we will treat them as such. We will be fair and transparent with our suppliers and deal with such suppliers who share our values and beliefs.

7. We will reward our shareholders with a better than average return on investment, and will assure them that our commitment to the Guiding Principles will make them proud of this company, the organization and the people involved in it.

Our Journey

The Company enters the transformer business with a manufacturing facility in Peenya, an industrial hub on the outskirts of Bangalore in India. An obsession with Quality, Human Resources, Research and Development and most importantly, Customers, develop as the Four pillars of our foundation. We plan to develop over the next 20 years as a supplier of repute in India.

Realizing that reputable suppliers offering cost benefits as well as high quality are in short supply, the company undertakes a massive expansion and growth program which results in large scale investments. The outcome is quickly forthcoming with substantial sales growth presence across India and several other countries.

2007 and onwards...
Having added one more production facility in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, at the foothills of the Himalayas, to meet the demand in the north of India, the company now looks more aggressively at the world market. A new factory will be opertational in Western India in December 2007 to cater to the global market. The total shop-floor area across these three factories is over 120,000 sq ft, with immense space for future expansion.